When you get good at all the other components of recruiting, using all of Tom’s other training videos, and you are operating at your best, you’ve overcome the fear, you know what to do, you’ve gone through the refinement, you’ve gone through an incredible amount of prospects, then you will want to know about different tools to create leverage so that you can continue to focus on doing the activities that generate you the most income (like prospecting and recruiting).

You will have to figure out how to scale, otherwise you will be like almost every other network marketer.  You have to think about the end, where you want to be in 1-3 years from now. You have to be in that spot right now.

This course is right for you when you are ready for it, when you have everything else dialed in and you are really in motion.  You really should go through all the other courses first.

You are going to be needing to be making money so that you will have money for advertising and outsourcing (for house cleaning, lawn care, meals, administrative tasks etc).  You do not want to put together blogs, websites, videos, etc.; you want to outsource it so you can focus on recruiting.