Listen to the entire 3 Step Map in action through valuable role play sessions

This Course Will Help You: 

  • Know EXACTLY what to say with your prospects

  • Enroll NEW Business Builders without being salesy or pushy

  • Attract Qualified People who WANT to work with you

You do not have to wonder what the most successful network marketers say to enroll new prospects. In the Best of Sponsoring Academy Tom demonstrates from several different angles how to lead your prospects to your company's opportunity in a way the makes them want to work with you.

What's Included:

  • 4+ Hours of Mp3 Coaching for deep understanding of connecting, sharing, and starting new people

  • Downloadable Modules so you can listen any time get every strategy and ingredient

  • Focused Roleplay on Every Step for clear insight into connecting with prospects, sharing a simple message, and getting them started

  • Unlimited Access for Life so you can always troubleshoot and increase your skill at any time